How Adobe Proves the Value of Cross-Screen TV Advertising

Adobe strives to create targeted growth in new customer segments where the marketing and product journeys are focused on helping these new customers succeed in their creative endeavors. In order to achieve targeted growth goals, Adobe needed to optimize its TV strategy but lacked deep insight on campaign performance. This roadblock made it difficult for Adobe to secure TV spend compared to other marketing channels with more sophisticated measurement in place. However, Adobe understood the importance and need for a big screen presence to target new audiences and sought out a solution that could provide fast, accurate and granular TV ad measurement across linear and streaming.

From CTV Newcomer to Cross-Screen Optimization Leader

Adobe was able to launch its first CTV campaign with iSpot Unified Measurement in Q4 of 2021. Danielle Nicosia, Senior Strategic TV Analyst at Adobe, and her team received real-time TV ad insights as well as incremental lift across networks and publishers. With the help of these new KPIs that measure the full funnel impact of TV advertising, Adobe justified an increase in CTV spend to better target new customer segments. In a short amount of time, Adobe switched up its TV ad strategy and started making full funnel optimizations to help eliminate wasted spend.

 “The work Adobe puts in with iSpot has been incredibly influential to getting funding for more CTV campaigns and finding incremental reach of OTT. The ability to measure in real time has really been very helpful in supporting that funding decision.”


Ultimately, cross-screen TV ad measurement from iSpot enabled Adobe to achieve a 75% reduction in time to optimize and provide insights. This allowed TV to become involved in larger weekly performance rates, which TV previously was overlooked in; ultimately, justifying TV as a larger part of Adobe’s marketing campaigns.

Learn more about how Adobe leverages Unified Measurement and applies cutting-edge TV ad strategies to optimize cross-screen campaigns across the funnel in a recent on-demand webinar.