Gamut Selects iSpot for Always-On Measurement of Premium Local OTT

By Stuart Schwartzapfel, SVP, Media Partnerships at iSpot

As TV and OTT converge, the sell- and buy-side of the premium ad industry are growing increasingly sophisticated in their ability to bundle and purchase cross-platform impressions. With these new developments come new demands of analytics providers, and iSpot has risen to the challenge with its Unified cross-platform measurement platform.

Enter Cox Media Group’s Gamut, the leader in premium local OTT, which recently announced it selected iSpot’s to be its exclusive always-on connected TV (CTV) measurement provider. Gamut TOTAL®, which helps advertisers find, target, and engage with local OTT audiences at scale, in every DMA, will utilize iSpot’s unified cross-platform TV ad measurement capabilities to prove the true incremental reach of their local OTT advertising campaigns. 

Gamut, whose ad sales teams bundle local TV and OTT impressions for advanced media buyers, can now use iSpot to prove the true reach across Gamut’s local and regional OTT network. 

Local OTT affords an incredibly important audience for advertisers, and Gamut thrives at delivering highly-coveted OTT audiences to regional and local advertisers across the U.S.

Now, Gamut can utilize our always-on unified measurement system to give its brand marketer partners the apples to apples comparisons required to understand the true reach of local connected TV ads. Consequently, brands can better understand the incremental reach their local OTT campaigns are providing above and beyond linear. 

Soo Jin Oh, Senior Vice President of Client Strategy and Solutions at Gamut, stated in the official release:

“Marketers today have many options with regards to how they spend their ad dollars. As OTT continues to grow at an incredible pace, we are now able to provide our advertisers with the data that they need to measure the true incremental reach of their OTT campaigns.”

As we provide Gamut with the full always-on power of iSpot’s census-balanced and panel-calibrated TV ad measurement system, iSpot will service each individual creative execution with granular reporting.