Test, Reinvest, and Rebuild: How To Redefine Your Media Strategy in the Face of Disruption

December 8, 2021

We all know the challenges marketers and publishers face from ID deprecation to privacy legislation. But what is actually being done to bridge the gap and maintain addressability of media? What can we do as an industry and as individual contributors to test new solutions, identify where to reinvest media dollars, and know what the future of the supply chain will look like without cookies or other perishable IDs?

Join our SVP of Media Partnerships, Stuart Schwartzapfel on Wednesday, 12/8 as he discusses the necessary solutions, methodologies, and best practices for building a media strategy that will stand the test of time with:

  • Allyson Dietz, Director of Product Marketing, Neustar (Moderator)
  • Diana Horowitz, SVP of Ad Sales, fuboTV
  • Andrea Kwiatek, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Goodway Group
  • Ben Hovaness, SVP, Marketplace Intelligence, Omnicom Media Group