Attribution Accelerator

October 11, 2018

New York, NY

Attribution Accelerator is a unique one-day forum designed and curated entirely by industry experts to spark conversation, fortify the science behind attribution, and inspire the industry to make further advances in the science of marketing measurement.

iSpot’s presence at Attribution Accelerator 2018:

  • “Measuring & Optimizing the Impact of TV” Workshop, led by Harmen Westra and Andy Gibs
  • “How Disruptive Brands Measure Lift on TV” presentation by CEO & Founder of, Sean Muller and Tim D’Auria, Head of TV Optimization at TripAdvisor
  • “Panel: Television – Jump Onboard the Attribution Express” featuring Sean Muller and Tim D’Auria
Sean presenting How Disruptive Brands Measure Lift on TV