Attribution Accelerator

October 17, 2019

Sean Muller and Diana Boyles Headshots

New York, NY – Innovators across the TV ecosystem gathered at Attribution Accelerator to look at how attribution has changed over the last year, and where we are headed next. The day was filled with buzz around multi-touch attribution, optimization and business outcomes.

Harmen Westra, VP of Sales at iSpot led a sold-out workshop on the myths and revelations of TV Attribution. Eager attendees jotted down advice on marketing stack integration and essential tips for choosing an attribution partner.

iSpot Workshop on the myths and revelations of TV Attribution

Later in the afternoon, iSpot CEO Sean Muller teamed up with Diana Boyles, VP of Marketing at HomeAdvisor on the main stage. Sean began with a brief history of how TV measurement has evolved over the decades, and how iSpot has carved a unique space in the industry with always-on attribution and connection to business outcomes.

Sean Muller on the main stage

“As we moved from an impulse attribution model to something more deterministic, iSpot became our source of truth and what we use for optimization.”

– Diana Boyles, HomeAdvisor
Diana Boyles on the main stage

Diana took the audience on a journey to see how over the years HomeAdvisor has unified their linear and OTT advertising with connections directly to business outcomes.

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