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Wix.com aired one 30-second commercial, 'Chez Felix' during the 4th quarter of Super Bowl 2017. Previous to the Big Game, the brand released a teaser, titled 'Make Your Own Website.' There was also a 48-second and 71-second extended version of the spot, both titled 'Chez Felix,' as well as a 2 minute Director's Cut version that was released. 'Chez: Felix: Director's Cut' was the most engaging pre-released ad up until the day of the Super Bowl, when Budweiser's 'Born the Hard Way' took the number one spot. 2017 marked the brand's third consecutive Super Bowl appearance. Last year, the web development company aired an animated ad from DreamWorks Animation featuring the characters from 'Kung Fu Panda 3' re-enacting classic Super Bowl ads.