Vegas Hotel Ads Have More Than One Thing In Common

Watch any Las Vegas hotel TV commercial and you will likely experience anything from the bizarre to serene and everything in between.

At Aria Hotels, ‘House Keeping Twice A Day’ becomes essential after the type of breakfast they serve. Wynn hotels offer a location more beautiful than the pictures they show in their commercial, while The Cosmopolitan Hotels boldly go where no commercials have gone before.

And what is it that these commercials are trying to say? Nothing, literally. Each of these commercials are devoid of any dialogue or narration whatsoever. The message is clear, Las Vegas hotels speak for themselves, what happens in them isn’t spoken about either. data reveals that the average national TV spend for Las Vegas hotels is approximately $4.5 million per spot. However, The Cosmopolitan Hotel TV Spot, ‘Just The Right Amount of Wrong’ spent nearly four times that amount on 1,063 national airings on 16 different networks, with two-thirds of these airings appearing on similarly themed networks, such as Esquire, Golf Channel and Travel Channel.

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