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Scripps Networks has a reputation for outperforming the mainstream advertising business on the strength of its higher income engage audience. So when it reported expectations of meager single-digit growth in ad revenue this year, analysts took it as a harbinger of a broader industry decline.

To spur growth, the network is offering “Lifestyle Road Block” options to advertisers, where the same ad would run at the same time across multiple Scripps channels. The intent is to both provide advertisers a broader range of audience target options, as well as to bulk up its reach figures by combining several smaller audiences into one larger figure.

An analysis by iSpot.tv shows this approach having some legs. In the last twelve months, Scripps top five networks have run more than 1 million commercials. Food Network has been responsible for the largest share (275k) of those, while HGTV continues to have the broadest brand mix (1,475 brands). Auto Makers are the leading source of revenue.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given the dominance of the Food Network, various food and beverage categories are involved the most. Five of the top 10 highest-spending industries are food related, including the dairy industry, snack foods, sit-down restaurants, candy, and cereal categories.


In the last 12 months, Food Network has run ads for 1,429 brands with 275,445 commercials.

This year alone Food Network has aired commercials for 864 brands with 61,282 commercials.

Cooking Channel Overview

In the last 12 months, Cooking Channel has run ads for 968 brands with 266,779 commercials.

This year alone Cooking Channel has run commercials for 559 brands with 60,196 commercials.

HGTV Overview

In the last 12 months, HGTV has run ads for 1,475 brands with 261,880 commercials.

This year alone HGTV has aired commercials for 882 brands with 57,782 commercials.

Travel Channel Overview

In the last 12 months, Travel Channel has run ads for 1,103 brands across 239,864 commercials.

This year alone Travel Channel has aired commercials for 652 brands with 53,122 commercials.

DIY Overview

In the last 12 months, DIY has run ads for 744 brands with 121,747 commercials.

This year alone DIY has aired commercials for 486 brands with 42,677 commercials.

Spending patterns through March 15, 2015

The network receives the bulk of its advertising dollars from: Auto Makers (8.86%), Insurance Companies (3.24%), Dairy/Eggs/Cheese (3.12%), Snack Foods (2.98%) and Banks/Credit Cards (2.72%)

The brands most active on the network include: Chevrolet (0.96%), Lexus (0.91%), Bank of America (0.85%), Sleep Number (0.81%) and Lincoln (0.77%)

*TV Network promotions account for 9.99% of in network and out of network spend values



The industries most likely to generate a digital response: Candy/Gum (9.72%), Auto Makers (8.68%), Breakfast/Cereal (8.59%), Wireless Electronics (7.94%) and Insurance Companies (5.85%)

The brands most likely to generate a digital response: M&M’s (8.11%), Kellogg’s (7.48%), Sprint (3.62%), AT&T (3.47%) and State Farm (1.61%)

  • The Top 5 shows on the Food Network account for almost 70% of all digital engagement for the network. Chopped (22.51%), Diners Drive-Ins and Dives (17.27%), Worst Cooks in America (16.62%), Cutthroat Kitchen (7.03%), Barefoot Contessa (4.56%)
  • 30-Minute Meals captured 2% of digital response for the network while clocking less than 1% of spend.


Most Engaging ad for the Food Network in 2015:

M&M’s: Marriage Proposal generated more than 6,200 explicit social reactions during just 82 airings, making it the single most engaging ad on the Food Network since the start of 2015. (8.07% of Digital SOV – 82 Airings – 6,244 Social Actions)

mmsWatch M&M’s: ‘Marriage Proposal’ Here

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