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  Inside the Report While athletes across the globe competed in Rio – Nike, UnitedHealthCare, Samsung, GEICO, McDonald’s and others competed (and spent $1.2 billion) for the attention of viewers on TV screens back home. The 2016 Olympic games saw 420 brands run 883 different creatives, ranking in 18.7 Billion TV ad impressions with 20,124… Read More

At the beginning of this week, we gave you a look at the brands and ads with the most digital buzz during Olympics programming; today we’re updating that ranking.   Among brands, Nike is still winning gold, but Samsung Mobile has surpassed UnitedHealthcare, while McDonald’s has risen above GEICO. Looking at the most popular individual… Read More

Last week we showed you the brands that are spending big on Olympics programming, plus the ads with the most spend; today we’re updating that list as the games near the finish line.   Automakers still top the chart, but Chevrolet (3.6%) has surpassed BMW (3.3%) for the brand with the highest estimated spend. GEICO… Read More

Last week we showed you the most-seen ads during the first six days of the Olympics; today we’re updating that list. From August 5-16, 393 brands have run 776 spots a total of 14,089 times, generating a whopping 14 million TV ad impressions, 12.7 billion of which were live. The industry ranking from last week… Read More

With the Olympics in full swing, we took a look at the brands spending the most across NBCUniversal’s Rio broadcasts. Auto makers lead the way — specifically BMW (4% of the estimated total spend) and Chevrolet (3.6%). GEICO (3.1%), Samsung Mobile (3%) and VISA (2.7%) round out the top 5.   But when it comes… Read More

With the kind of ad volume we’re seeing during the Olympics telecasts across NBC and its sister networks (NBC Sports, USA Network, BRAVO, MSNBC and CNBC), just about every conceivable type of industry is represented — but some categories and brands are standing out as the biggest, most enthusiastic backers of Rio 2016 programming. Across… Read More

Want the big picture regarding TV advertising on the Olympics? We’ve got it. So far, from Friday’s Opening Ceremony through Wednesday night, 316 brands have run 582 spots a total of 5,971 times across NBC and its sister networks (NBC Sports, USA Network, BRAVO, MSNBC and CNBC), with 1,183 of the spots running during primetime…. Read More

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