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During Black Friday 2015, when it came to eyes on screens, retail giant Walmart was King. With 4.7 billion impressions during the month of November, Walmart had more than twice the impressions of other retailers. Target, Macy’s, and Kohl’s leaned on TV advertising to spread their own brand of cheer. Each brand received over 1.5 billion impressions but… Read More

Television’s effect during the holidays isn’t just limited to offline purchases. Online sales have increased by “double digits” according to Reuters, and TV plays a huge role in influencing that digital behavior. Target, ranking third for impressions but number one for digital engagement, knows this better than anyone. By using commercials as a catalyst for… Read More

Holiday ads debut as early as September, but it’s the week of Black Friday when things start to heat up. With the ever-increasing prevalence of online sales, creating TV ads that grab viewers’ attention and get them to engage across screens has become more important than ever. Sony Pictures, Amazon, Apple, Old Navy, and Sprite… Read More

Uncover TV advertising’s role during the holiday shopping season and how retailers focus on targeted placements to hit major advertising goals. Download the full report: Inside the report: – How Advertising Spend Has Changed Year Over Year – How the Year’s Best Brands Drove Digital ROI – Why Walmart Is the Undisputed King of TV… Read More

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