Southwest Airlines Wedding Season Returns

Southwest Airlines’ dancing bachelorette returns for another wedding season thanks to low cost one-way fares – and a very popular viral commercial. In less than a week, the Dallas-based airline invested approximately the same Estimated Spend as it did over the four-month life span of the first spot that also featured the dance floor diva.

In the commercial, comedienne Alice Wetterlund takes a break from MTV’s “Girl Code” to show off more of her signature dance moves, including the Windshield Wiper, the Back It Up and Get Over Here, and the Don’t Dare Touch My Butt (for more on these see MTV). And according to her friend Emily Gould in New York, this is how Ms. Wetterlund dances at every wedding party.

“The thing is that this is truly how @alicewetterlund dances at weddings, bless her” @EmilyGould

Digital social feedback has been immensely positive with a 79 percent positive tweet sentiment among females. The spot has also earned over 36,500 organic online views. The spot premiered March 26 during NCAA Basketball’s Sweet Sixteen on CBS and TBS. By the end of its first week, Southwest Airlines outspent its nearest rival, Delta Airlines, by 10-to-1 on national TV advertising.

It’s clear the success of the first spot prompted Southwest to invest heavily upfront this time around. With the campaign targeted toward March Madness and appearing mostly on those networks, the MTV star hasn’t been seen on her home network. At least not yet. will continue to track every occurrence, online view, tweet, and estimated cost associated with the our traveling dancing bachelorette. In the meantime, let’s view analytics on the original ad that debuted in October 2014.

Southwest-dataWith Ms. Wetterlund catching the bride’s bouquet at the end of the new spot, will our dancing diva remain the perpetual bachelorette in the next spot? No matter what happens, will be there to track all of the data for the lifetime of the ad.

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