Segment Matching: Advancing TV Ad Measurement for the Digital Era

For years has been bringing digital-like metrics to the TV Advertising industry.  We started as the only company to deliver real-time TV ad measurement at scale. We then became the first to connect TV ad exposures to digital actions, such as search and activity on Social Media platforms. We then introduced validated-impression measurement so brands could be certain which ads ran and how many people saw an ad, regardless of if it came through a live linear, time-shifted or OTT environment. On top of that, we built out attention scoring and became the only platform that can measure how long an ad appears on a TV screen with precision and scale. Brands now use attention scoring to evaluate performance of shows, day parts, networks and to identify “creative wear”.

The biggest breakthrough came when unlocked conversion measurement, an unparalleled deterministic way to connect TV ad exposures to business outcomes. From there, we introduced predictive analytics that help advertisers identify what shows they should advertise on based on what their target audiences are actually viewing and most likely to view. And now, with today’s launch of custom segments, iSpot customers can bring digital segments into the iSpot dashboard and match them with TV segments developed by billions of data points gathered by iSpot’s proprietary TV ad tracking and device graph platform.

The addition of segments allows customers to bring together two worlds that have been traditionally stuck in silos. Now that brands can make decisions using data from both worlds in one place, they can perform true audience-based planning and buying. The bridges are now in place.

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