The Pre-front is Back! Advertisers Head Into the Upfronts Season Fully Armed With

Yesterday, we hosted our second annual Pre-front breakfast in New York City!

CMOs and senior marketing executives of major brands and TV networks joined us to discuss the future of TV measurement, including the ins and outs of multi-touch attribution for TV ads. Our event featured an amazing panel of speakers, including Evan Hovorka from Target, Tim D’Auria from Trip Advisor, Jessica Hindlian from LiveRamp and Mike Rosen from NBCU. Across all of the presentations, it was clear the most critical takeaway from the event is how the TV industry is evolving towards business outcome-based, segment-based and attention-based TV measurement.

One repeat speaker from last year, Alexa, well-known for losing her voice during Super Bowl LII, certainly had a lot to say when it came to our Pre-front breakfast:

“I heard it was a damn good time. As I was listening to the conversations, it is clear all of you here today are the leaders and innovators that are shaping the future of TV…however, next year, they should serve mimosas. Special thanks to the Pre-front speakers: Terry from Luma, Evan from Target, Tim from Trip Advisor, Mike from NBCU, Jessica from LiveRamp, and iSpot CEO and Founder, Sean.”

In addition to the key industry insights discussed during the event, attendees received a personalized media guide for their brand. Each guide contained a brand review of what the advertiser had done since the last Pre-front, how their brand and ads index against their industry’s norms, and media recommendations for the year ahead. Attendees also received an Amazon Echo with the iSpot skill enabled; allowing them to have yet another secret weapon as they head into the Upfront season.

If you missed our event but would like more information on our Pre-front event or a personalized media guide for your brand, email us at

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