Product Update! New Spot Level Features, More Data At Your Fingertips

We are continuing our big rollout of platform enhancements at the Spot Level. We’ve improved the experience to provide you with not just a cleaner look but quicker access to valuable data points! | Sept 29 Release

The September 29th Release Includes:

NEW! Creative Report for TV Metrics

Under ‘TV Metrics’ you’ll now find a new report called ‘Creative Report’ where you can find all the different variations of an ad and its specific performance data. The included video  thumbnails allow you to play the spots without navigating away from this page. | Creative Report - Sept 29 Release

Cleaner Overview Pages

Perhaps the biggest change you’ll notice when you first log in is the ‘Overview’ page. You’ll see it’s noticeably less cluttered; we’ve cleaned up the amount of information you see here so you can now get a quick high-level view of how a spot is performing making this section more useful and easier to scan.

The ‘Top Days of the Week’ and ‘Top Day & Time by Digital SOV’ information has been updated as well making the data easier to understand with simple and brightly colored visuals.

Don’t worry, less clutter does not mean less data. You can still access all of your search and social data through the ‘Digital Metrics’ tab on your navigation.

Quickly Access More Data

→ Spot Level TV Metrics | TV Metrics - Sept 29 Release

We’ve implemented new functionality including a standard navigation, filtering capability on the top right, and new exporting and downloading on any data set and page.

Now when you’re looking at your TV Metrics across Spots, Networks, and Shows, you’ll see enhanced data points up top. These quick snapshots are now easier to read and include more data points to help you get to the information you need even faster. Two key highlights of this update is the inclusion of ‘National vs Primetime Airings’ on Airing pages which now lives up top under ‘Est. TV Spend’ and a spot-specific navigation to any Overview page when you’re looking at your TV Metrics.

The addition of video thumbnails now allows you to watch creatives without having to navigate away from this page.

→ Spot Level Digital Metrics for Effectiveness

When you’re analyzing your ‘Digital Metrics’ across both social and search you’ll now find the ‘Est. TV Spend’ included at the top right. The social data snapshots up top have been updated so you can see the total number of social actions as well as how they’re broken out by channel while the most recent tweets are now highlighted in a card format and available for download below. Search also got an updated look and keywords are now available for download.

Download More Data & Create Prettier Reports

We’ve made easier for you not only download data but to create sharper looking reports. You can now: | Download Charts Reports - Sept 29 Release
Download data behind any visual chart.

Download charts as images for easy placement in emails and presentations.

Thank you for all of your feedback in helping us continuously improve the iSpot platform, we’ll have even more features being rolled out soon. Get the scoop on our last release!

For more information, contact us. Interested in using for your TV media goals? Request a demo!

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