MTV Movie Awards 2015: By the Numbers

While the MTV Movie Awards handed out 17 different honors during Sunday night’s three-hour extravaganza, kept track of all the spots and airings that occurred during commercial breaks.

MTVmovieAwards2015-iSpot-dataForty advertisers, including TV networks and movie studios aired a total of 56 unique spots. Many spots aired multiple times with Fiat airing the same commercial three times. While the majority of spots were the standard 30-second fair, five spots ran for 60 seconds. Television networks also got in on the act, with BBC America, Comedy Central and Oxygen all advertising during the awards show.


#1 –Mountain Dew: ‘Come Alive’

#2 –Taco Bell: ‘Routine Republic’

#3 –Taco Bell: ‘Flash

#4 –Pepsi: ‘Out of the Blue Record Release

#5 –GEICO: ‘Push It: It’s What You Do

Fiat: “Big Italian Family”

With young movie fans tuning in, movie studios used the occasion to air no less than 14 movie trailers including Marvel’s “Ant-Man,” Warner Bros.’ “Entourage,” and awards show host Amy Schumer in Universal Pictures’ “Trainwreck.”

Trainwreck movie trailer

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