The Limelight – Rob Tregenza, Senior Director of Sales Solutions

The Limelight series focuses on employee culture across the iSpot organization. Follow along as we take a closer look at the real people behind one of the most comprehensive TV ad catalogs and more.

This month we interview Rob Tregenza, Senior Director of Sales Solutions – and where he sees the future of TV and the future of iSpot.

Rob Tregenza,
Senior Director of Sales Solutions

What is your current role at

As the Sr Dir of Sales Solutions our team provides strategic translation of iSpot analysis up stream in the sales cycle. Our primary focus is to help close deals faster, at the highest contract value possible and raise the overall knowledge of the Enterprise Sales team. Additionally, we work across the organization to drive thought leadership and execute our Proof of Value engagements.

How did your background lead you here?

My journey has a little bit of everything … including market research, consumer insight, new product design, marketing communications, and brand strategy. Most recently I was on the client side shortly after iSpot launched our conversion offering. While there, I helped to onboard Media Measurement and Conversion. I knew that iSpot was a game changer and after a few months of friendly conversation, I joined the iSpot team to revolutionize how media is measured!

What are the typical challenges you face with POVs?

The biggest challenge with POVs is knowing when to deploy them and identifying the precise KPIs for the customer. POV engagements help us to understand the client’s precise needs as much as it helps them understand how iSpot can deliver ROAS/ROI on their media investment.

What is the most exciting part about working through POVs?

For me, it’s closing the deal and that moment when a client has an “Ah-Ha!”. It’s also awesome when we blow competitors out of the water in side by side tests—which we do all day long.

How has your work evolved along with the products?

In Sales Solutions while we are on the front lines, we are also deeply connected to all other parts of the organization. Sometimes we are working through a prospect’s business challenge in a POV that might end up developing into a new product or future feature. We are continuously learning from prospects, clients and our internal organization and that is a unique spot to live.

How do you see iSpot’s unique space in the industry?

TODAY > transforming legacy ad measurement TOMORROW> Cover of WIRED “Meet the Company who Revolutionized TV Ad Measurement”

What is the most rewarding part about working at iSpot?

Building something that has never existed before, and everyday learning from lots of people way smarter than me.

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