LG launch the G3 Laser-camera (that’s also a smartphone)

New national TV ads that debuted this week include LG’s new G3 Laser-Autofocus smartphone. Similar to Lexus’ ‘Strobe’ commercial earlier in the week, the ad captures attention with its clever use of color and light, and a stuntman running in an LED suit against a city nighttime backdrop.

iSpot.tv analytics can reveal that, the LG G3 spot aired 50 times on 13 national networks, with ESPN and ESPN2 airing the majority of these ads within the first two days of its campaign. With an estimated TV advertising spend of $780K, and high social activity, the commercial has reached an iSpot.tv Ad Effectiveness rating of 7.5 (out of 10). LG however remain in second place for estimated spend, edged out only by Amazon’s Fire Phone.

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