iSpot Captures 1,000,000 Creatives with Largest Ad Catalog in the Industry

iSpot is happy to announce that after seven years, we have achieved the milestone of 1,000,000 TV ads in our catalog. One-million anything represents a significant achievement – a million miles flown, one-million dollars in retirement savings, or the one-millionth customer. With seven years of TV spots in our catalog, no one in the industry can match the depth of TV ad data that iSpot has captured. With iSpot adding up to 5,000 new spots a week, by the time you read this, we will be well past 1,000,000.

The ad catalog sits at the core of what makes iSpot unique. It is the most extensive and most accurate library of TV ad creatives in the industry. If you’ve ever Googled for a TV commercial, chances are you’ve found it via the iSpot catalog, which is built using our proprietary ACR technology. Our technology, combined with the people at iSpot, work together to capture 99% of creatives automatically – every day. Using a proven process, a team of ten people review the outliers and find the final one-percent in near real-time.

The 1,000,000th creative was the following commercial from Airbnb:

The ad catalog is the backbone of everything iSpot does. The benefit to brands and networks is we already have TV ads and attribution data for over 120 networks, going back for years. We go beyond measuring single campaigns and providing single-touch attribution. We can show you success, growth opportunities, and benchmarks measured against your competitors, in just a few clicks.

With new OTT and VOD solutions, the number of sources airing TV ads is expanding. iSpot is looking forward to the day when we have 2,000,000 creatives in our catalog. To learn more about how always-on media measurement from iSpot can provide you a measurement of the causal impact of TV, contact

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