2015 NCAA Basketball Tournament by the Numbers

The battle of the brands for NCAA supremacy became a slugfest between wireless carrier AT&T and auto manufacturer Buick during a Finals game that generated more than $150 million in spending, $40 million more than the Final Four games just two days before.
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Ultimately, AT&T won the crown. The winning factor was the amount and target of their TV ad spend. Buick spent the most on a single ad, an estimated $26.7 million for its “Experience the New Wi-Fi” spot. That investment bought the most airings than any other ad, at 132 during the tournament. But it fell just behind AT&T as the brand with the highest overall spend, at $62 million.

AT&T spent the most overall, and that investment won the wireless operator both the overall share of voice battle and most online searches.

For a breakdown of the NCAA brand advertising results, see below:

Most Spend for an Ad

Buick – “Experience the New Wi-Fi” $27.5 million


Samsung Mobile S6 – “The Next Big Thing Coming Soon”  $17.5 million

Honorable Mention / third place

UPS – ‘United Problem Solvers’ / $15.8 million

Most Popular Ad by Digital Share of Voice

AT&T – “March Madness Legends: Strong Nickname”  6.94 Digital Share of Voice


Powerade – “Rose from Concrete” 4.42 Digital Share of Voice

Honorable mention & third place

GEICO – “Free-Range Chicken” 4.07 Digital Share of Voice


Ad with the Highest Number of Airings 

Buick – “Experience the New Wi-Fi” 132 national airings


Infiniti – “Backing Up” 88 national airings

Honorable mention & third place

LG Televisions – “Incredible Awe” 85 national airings

Highest Brand Spend


Honorable mention & third place
Capital One

Brand with Highest Online Searches


Honorable mention / third & fourth place
Amazon Kindle

Southwest Airlines

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