How iSpot Helped The Trade Desk and Ford Reach New Customers on TV

Times have changed for TV advertising as access to audience data has grown. Even the top brand advertisers are finding ways to make their approach less “mass market” and more targeted to specific viewers.

This was the case for Ford. Despite being one of the most-seen advertisers on television, the car brand wanted to cut wasteful spend and also reach in-market car buyers and new audiences. Through iSpot’s partnership with The Trade Desk, Ford examined what it would gain from advertising on connected TV. 

It wound up that 48% of connected TV households were incremental to Ford’s linear campaign — identifying a whole new audience that would’ve otherwise remained untapped. 

As connected TV growth continues and audiences keep migrating, insights like these will prove essential for all brands and campaigns to find success. Want to learn more? Check out The Trade Desk’s case study below, and schedule a demo with iSpot today to see how we can shed new light on your TV ad buying decisions.