How Coldwell Banker was Awarded the Highest Rated Real Estate Ad

Inside the Report

With the help of iSpot Pre-Market Creative Testing, Coldwell Banker rapidly tests video ads before running them on national media to determine if creative is hitting or missing the mark with consumers. In the case of the “Dream” campaign, the brand maximized in-market creative effectiveness. Ultimately, landing the highest rated Real Estate ad for the 10th year running while simultaneously allowing Coldwell Banker to cut ad production expenses by nearly 80%.

Learn how Coldwell Banker optimized their ad performance while simultaneously saving 7-figures.

Leveraging the iSpot Pre-Market Creative Testing has now become standard practice for every new campaign we produce at Coldwell Banker as it not only provides us with valuable consumer insights about our advertising message and imagery before going to market, but it enables us to fine-tune our marketing strategy for optimal results.

Victoria Keichinger, VP of Brand Marketing, Coldwell Banker