Which Networks are Delivering the Most Ads Amid Quarantine?

TV impressions were up in 2020 before most audiences were advised to stay at home in mid-March. But in the weeks since widespread quarantines in the U.S., impressions have continued to increase despite the absence of live sports, and certain networks are reaping the benefits.

iSpot measured impressions from March 14 through April 21, and compared year-over-year results to see which networks are experiencing the largest increase. Some of the top takeaways:

  • CNN ad deliveries are up nearly 197% year over year, while MSNBC’s were up 65.5%
  • Fox News impressions are up 64.7% compared to the same stretch a year ago
  • ESPN went from fifth in impressions (25.0 million) to 22nd (8.5 million) — which actually shows the network is still finding an audience without live sports
  • CBS remained among the top two networks by impressions, despite losing the NCAA Tournament this year
  • ABC (up 8.8%) and NBC (up 11.9%) also increased despite losing live sporting event broadcasts
  • HGTV ad deliveries have increased 24% compared to the same period in 2019, while Food Network is up 29.6%
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