Unify Your OTT Strategy

Is unified measurement across linear and OTT ad buys part of your CTV strategy?

Disruptive Brands use iSpot’s OTT measurement solution to understand incremental reach over linear and business outcomes compared to linear. We measure OTT across all major providers, streaming media players and devices. With a CNBC study showing that 57% of Americans have some form of streaming service, it’s important brands are measuring their OTT investment to linear and understand the overlap and unique reach.

What can iSpot help Advertisers understand with our OTT measurement solution?

  • What is the size of the brand’s OTT audience and how many impressions did they deliver?
    • Impression delivery by platform and daypart, compared with linear.
  • What is the incremental reach of the brand’s OTT advertising?
    • OTT incremental reach, frequency and overlap with linear.
  • How effective is OTT in driving business outcomes?
    • OTT conversion rates compared with linear.

Evolve your OTT strategy by downloading our “Unifying OTT & Linear” playbook or drop us a line at hello@ispot.tv.

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