Olympics Update: The Top 5 Most Engaging Brands and Ads During the Games Through August 14

With the first week of the Olympics down, we took an updated look at the most engaging brands and ads to see what viewers are engaging with. Among brands, Nike leads the charge, followed by UnitedHealthcare and Samsung Mobile.

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When it comes to the most popular individual commercials, UnitedHealthcare takes the gold, thanks to its humorous spot “Pool Vault.” This commercial plays on the Olympic theme by showing a group of wives watching their husbands trying to vault over a swimming pool using a pool-cleaning pole. Of course, the attempts don’t go as planned, which is where the urgent-care tools from UnitedHealthcare come in handy.

Nike’s ad starring transgender athlete Chris Mosier follows on the chart in second place, while Samsung Mobile takes third as well as fifth.

Top 5 Most Engaging Ads

1. UnitedHealthcare – “Pool Vault” (10.77% of the digital SOV)


2. Nike – “Unlimited Courage” featuring Chris Mosier (5.89% of the digital SOV)


3. Samsung Mobile – “Busy, Busy, Busy” featuring Christoph Waltz (4.08% of the digital SOV)


4. McDonald’s – “A Better McNugget” (4% of the digital SOV)


5. Samsung Mobile – “More Everything” (3.17% of the digital share of voice)

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