Connect TV Ads to Business Outcomes: A New Currency for Media Buys

Winning TV advertisers are looking beyond impressions and traditional ratings systems to measure performance and prove ROI of their campaigns. By being able to track how TV campaigns drive web traffic and online & offline conversions, advertisers are able to add digital-like granularity and accuracy to their measurement & attribution. Furthermore, this paves the way for major media companies, like NBCU, to demonstrate the effectiveness of audience targeting vs. traditional age/gender-based buys.

Tune-in to the webinar to hear how NBCU and are teaming up to make business outcomes the new currency for TV advertisers, empowering them to:

  • Measure conversions through powerful and predictive, digital-like analytics
  • Prove media inventory and advanced targeting tactics are driving lift in conversions
  • Apply accurate and granular TV ad optimization insights in real-time

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