What Are QSR Brands Cooking Up on TV in 2021?

Inside the Report

During the pandemic, QSR brands had to pivot from in-store dining to delivery and pick-up. These changes were reflected in creatives and TV ad strategies. But now with consumer behavior inching back to “normal,” QSR brands have pivoted yet again. 

Download this report to learn how QSR brands have approached TV advertising in 2021 (through Q3). You’ll get insights behind notable QSR TV ad trends, including the networks, brands and TV creatives that have fared best so far in 2021.

Report highlights:

  • Domino’s is the most-seen QSR brand in 2021 with nearly double the impressions of the runner-up (McDonald’s)
  • Of the top 15 most-seen QSR brands, Arby’s increased TV ad impressions the most, with a 44.3% YoY climb
  • With a focus on the food itself, QSR ads elicited greater “yummy” and “value” reactions from viewers in 2021 than in 2020