Insights to Help Food Delivery Brands Plan for 2021

Inside the Report

Insights to Help Food Delivery Brands Maximize TV Advertising

Consumers are constantly bombarded by advertising to the point that determining the impact of one ad versus another has become incredibly complex. For most brands, TV is the biggest investment in the media mix, so quantifying the value is critical. But with all the noise, how can you give TV ads the credit they deserve? That’s where lift analysis comes in.

Lift measurements estimate the causal impact of TV advertising on consumer behavior and help quantify the business value driven by TV advertising. The relative comparison of lift estimates (e.g., across networks), tells us where advertising is more or less effective. 

For food delivery brands looking to take advantage of their remaining marketing budget this year and prepare for what comes in 2021, we’ve put together performance insights and key recommendations to inform your decisions. This report focuses on sharing lift measurement and conversion rates across three time periods: Q4 2019, Q3 2020 and October 2020. 

While broadcast networks usually dominate for impressions, it’s cable channels, and often niche ones, that are delivering actual outcomes for food delivery brands. Across all periods measured, networks focused on science, animals, music or general entertainment led for lift. Looking at conversion rates, broadcast networks including The CW, NBC and ABC delivered top results.

Want to see more about which specific networks delivered business outcome results for food delivery brands last holiday season and this fall? Download our new report.

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