100 Days of COVID-19

Inside the Report

COVID-19 has obviously altered the television landscape. And while it may feel like 100 years have passed since live sports first went off the air and quarantines became more widespread, we only passed 100 days back on June 20.

So what can we take from those first 100 days since COVID-19 turned TV on its head, and what sort of trends have been emerging in recent weeks as local economies have stopped and stalled with reopenings? iSpot’s new report, “100 Days of COVID,” sheds light on the topics below:

  • Where did sports audiences go without live games to watch? 
  • How has warmer weather affected TV viewership and ad impressions?
  • Which networks saw increased spend and impressions during the pandemic?
  • What industries advertised the most under quarantine?
  • What sort of creative trends did marketers experiment with during the pandemic?

It’s never been more important to have powerful data and insights to make the right decisions around TV ad strategies, so you really can’t afford to miss this report. Download it below.

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