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Budweiser: Puppy Love

A curious puppy at an adoption center makes friends with a Clydesdale -- until one day, it is taken away to its new home. What happens next in this Super Bowl 2014 commercial may just melt your heart. ...more

16.23% Online Activity
53,217,854 Online Views
2,622,255 Social Actions
$5,882,766 Est. TV Spend

Esurance: John Krasinski

John Krasinski fills us in on the money that Esurance saved by buying the first commercial after the Super Bowl. Incidentally, it's the same amount that you could win when you tweet #EsuranceSave30. ...more

7.26% Online Activity
343,644 Online Views
1,798,779 Social Actions
$3,900,000 Est. TV Spend

Coca-Cola: It's Beautiful

The only thing more beautiful than this country are the people who live here. ...more

5.26% Online Activity
24,151,054 Online Views
665,041 Social Actions
$6,724,539 Est. TV Spend

Jaguar: Rendezvous

Have you ever noticed all the Hollywood villains are played by Brits? Maybe it's because they just sound right, are more focused, are more precise and are always one step ahead. They all drive Jaguars. Sometimes, it's good to be bad. ...more

5.17% Online Activity
27,203,075 Online Views
531,703 Social Actions
$27,459,183 Est. TV Spend

Axe: Make Love, Not War

In a world filled with war and hate, take a stand. Make love, not war. Work toward peace -- AXE Peace. ...more

4.39% Online Activity
15,634,264 Online Views
671,136 Social Actions
$7,471,594 Est. TV Spend

Bud Light: Ian Up For Whatever

Arnold is warming up and getting ready for Super Bowl 2014. ...more

4.37% Online Activity
26,016,253 Online Views
353,415 Social Actions
$46,409,717 Est. TV Spend

Budweiser: A Hero's Welcome

Oh January 8th, 2014, Lt. Chad Nadd returned home and Budweiser and his hometown threw him a welcome he would never forget. ...more

4.06% Online Activity
10,598,155 Online Views
718,373 Social Actions
$12,946,802 Est. TV Spend

Cheerios: Gracie

Gracie learns she's going to be a big sister in the Super Bowl 2014 commercial. She's going to have a baby brother pretty soon -- and maybe a puppy! ...more

2.94% Online Activity
11,502,276 Online Views
421,136 Social Actions
$4,703,675 Est. TV Spend

Audi: Doberhuahua

Compromising is a terrible idea, as demonstrated by the monstrous Doberhuahua. Audi will never compromise so you'll never have to deal with worst of two worlds. ...more

2.92% Online Activity
13,859,190 Online Views
319,937 Social Actions
$5,600,000 Est. TV Spend

Kia: The Truth

A couple run into Morpheus at a valet stand. They learn the truth in the back of the Kia K900, as Morpheus serenades them. ...more

2.81% Online Activity
10,714,845 Online Views
399,780 Social Actions
$13,968,446 Est. TV Spend

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