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2013 Super Bowl Ad Rankings

Rankings are based on consumer votes from our 2013 Spot Bowl game.
  • Budweiser 2013 Super Bowl TV Spot, 'Brotherhood' Song by Fleetwood Mac
    Some bonds are timeless as this Super Bowl ad illustrates a rancher raising the youngest Budweiser Clydesdale. Of course, this little foal still needs a name so tweet your suggestions to @Budweiser.
  • Taco Bell 2013 Super Bowl TV Spot, 'Viva Young' Original Song by Fun.
    You're only as old as you feel. That's what Bernie Goldblatt and friends learned after a wild night out from the nursing home. A Spanish version of "We Are Young" plays in the background. They go swimming, light firecrackers, dance at a nightclub, get tattoos and eat at Taco Bell. Esta noche, somos jovenes!
  • Tide TV Spot, '2013 Super Bowl' Featuring Joe Montana
    When you have a stain that looks like Joe Montana, you're going to need a stain saver. He goes to Montanaland. Sorry, 49ers. Unfortunately, his wife watches his jersey and whispers, "Go Ravens."
  • Doritos 2013 Super Bowl TV Spot, 'Princesses'
    A young girl asks her father to dress up like a princess. His friends ask what is taking him so long and dress up with him. "Oh, yeah!" His wife catches him dancing in her wedding dress. Congratulations, Fashionista Daddy!
  • Audi S6 2013 Super Bowl TV Spot, 'Prom Night: Worth It'
    A young man gets ready for prom. After his mom tells him lots of people go by themselves to prom, his sister responds with, "No, they don't." However, his dad tosses him the keys to his Audi S6. Once he arrives at the prom, he walks right up to the prom queen and gives her a big kiss. He then leaves with a black eye (from the prom king) and a giant smile.
  • Doritos 2013 Super Bowl TV Spot, 'Screaming Goat'
    After seeing a sign that reads "Goat 4 Sale," a man buys a Doritos-loving goat named Moose that shares his love for the snack, thinking it will be a good friend. When the goat's hunger for Doritos begins to overwhelm him, he has no choice but to put him up for sale.
  • Kia Sorento 2013 Super Bowl TV Spot, 'Space Babies'
    'Where do babies come from?' is one of the most difficult questions a kid can ask their parents. They could tell the truth (yeah right) or they could make up a wild story about space babies. Fortunately with the 2014 Kia Sorento and its voice-activated controls they doesn't have to do either.
  • Toyota 2013 Super Bowl TV Spot, 'I Wish' Feat. Kaley Cuoco, Song Skee-Lo
    Kaley Cuoco is the cutest (not to mention the most purple) genie ever. What wish will she grant next? Guess you'll have to tune in to the big game to find out.
  • Hyundai Super Bowl 2013 TV Spot, 'Team' Song by Quiet Riot
    All a boy wants to do is play a little football, but the other boys tell him to come back when he had a team. With the help of his mom and the Hyundai Santa Fe, he finds one. He recruits boys who lifts weights, wrestles bears and saves people from fires. The are not playing touch, they are ready for tackle.
  • Speed Stick 2013 Super Bowl TV Spot, 'Unattended Laundry'
    A guy has been waiting for the dryer for like, forever! He takes out the clothes inside and is left with yellow woman's underwear. When the woman confronts him, he tells her he was folding her laundry so they would get wrinkled followed by "I'd fold your panties any day." Handle it with Speed Stick deodorant.
  • Samsung 2013 Super Bowl TV Spot, Feat. Seth Rogan, Paul Rudd, Lebron James
    Samsung has invited two of Hollywood's funniest, Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd to pitch ideas for their Big Game ad, touting the new Samsung mobile phone. Unfortunately things get a little testy when Seth and Paul try to one-up each other. People love talking babies and Asian rappers. Add Lebron James to the mix and you've got something, but is it The Next Big Thing?
  • M&M's 2013 Super Bowl TV Spot, 'Anything for Love'
    The red M&M plays on a piano. He would do anything for love, even that means shopping, painting a woman's toe nails, trying on wigs. It's especially not difficult it it involves Naya Rivera. But, he won't let you eat him, get in a pinata, get on ice cream, sit on a cake or go in the over.
  • Coca-Cola 2013 Super Bowl TV Spot, 'Security Cameras'
    This commercial features security cameras being show in a good light. It features people kissing, helping others, friends hugging, and other inspiring visuals. Coke asks viewers to look at the world a little differently.
  • Volkswagen Super Bowl 2013 TV Spot, 'Get Happy'
    On a Monday, Rastaman Dave Johnson (from Minnesota) speaks to the coworkers in his office with a Jamaican accent. Don't worry mon, everyt'ing's gonna be a'right with a ride in the new 2013 Volkswagen Beetle -- just the thing to turn that frown upside down.
  • Axe Apollo 2013 Super Bowl TV Spot, 'Lifeguard'
    Lifeguards keep us safe. They're chiseled protectors of the oceans. But they're not astronauts. Nothing beats an astronaut. Ever. Pick up a can of Axe Apollo and find out how you can win a trip to space and come back a hero.
  • Go Daddy 2013 Super Bowl TV Spot, 'Big Kiss' Featuring Bar Refaeli
    There are two sides to GoDaddy's small business suite. The first is sexy, like supermodel Bar Refaeli. The second is smart, like Walter, the IT guy. When they get together it's like a big, sloppy kiss for your small business.
  • Oreo 2013 Super Bowl TV Spot, 'Library Fight'
    Two guys are in a library fighting over the best side of the cookie. The police respond at the scene and whisper over a loudspeaker. Which side is your favorite, the cream or the cookie? Choose your side in Instagram @Oreo. Directed by Tom Kuntz.
  • Milk Mustache 2013 Super Bowl TV Spot Ft The Rock, Song Styletones
    All Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson wanted was a bottle of milk. That's all. But then there was the bank robbers, and the mountain lion, and the clowns, and the alien invasion. Fortunately a quick chug of milk gives The Rock the protein he needs to start the day.
  • GoPro Hero2 TV Spot, 'Dubstep Baby' Song by Walking Def
    World's tiniest dubstep fan Charlie Ray goes on a wild tour of the house with her new GoPro Hero camera.
  • Mercedes-Benz 2013 Super Bowl TV Spot, 'Soul' Ft Usher, Kate Upton
    In this Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl ad, a devilish Willem Dafoe tempts a young man with the Mercedes-Benz CLA and everything that comes with it. In this case 'everything' means dating Kate Upton, dancing with Usher, and becoming rich and famous beyond his wildest dreams. Will he sign on the dotted line? Would you?
  • GoDaddy.Co 2013 Super Bowl TV Spot, 'YourBigIdea.Co' Feat. Danica Patrick
    Got a big idea? A million dollar idea? A gazillion dollar idea? Better get it up online first with a .co name from Go Daddy. Or you could wait and let someone else rake in the millions. But then you'd be a fool, wouldn't you?
  • Jack in the Box 2013 Super Bowl Commercial TV Spot, 'Hot Mess'
    Jack watches a video of his 1989 rock hit Hot Mess, to the tune of Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar, with his son explaining that's how he met his mother. Jack's one hit wonder is now a burger.
  • MiO Fit  2013 Super Bowl TV Spot, 'Change America' Featuring Tracy Morgan
    Change has always kept America moving forward and Tracy Morgan tells you about everything that's changed over the years, including sports drinks. Sports drinks were boring so they were changed the new MiO Fit.
  • Bud Light 2013 Super Bowl TV Spot, 'Voodoo' Song by Stevie Wonder
    When it comes to the Super Bowl everyone has their superstitions. Some people's superstitions involving traveling to New Orleans and communing with Stevie Wonder. Don't laugh, it's only crazy if it doesn't work.
  • E*TRADE 2013 Super Bowl TV Spot, 'Save It' Song by Calvin Harris
    The E*TRADE baby asks you how you would blow tens of thousands of dollars. Would you buy a world-class polo team, commission an oil painting of yourself, wreck a yacht, lounge in a jacuzzi -- with a panda bear? If you're losing money to hidden investment fees, you might as well be doing all of the above. Boom!
  • Bud Light 2013 Super Bowl TV Spot, 'Lucky Chair' Featuring Stevie Wonder
    A couple of guys haul a recliner passing a couple rottweilers. They need lucky chairs. They use Bud Light to get through a gate, they meet with Zoe Saldana and Stevie Wonder. Zoe Saldana asks, "How much luck do you guys need?" Do what you need to get your lucky chair. It's only weird if it doesn't work.
  • Wonderful Pistachios 2013 Super Bowl TV Spot Featuring PSY
    PSY cracks it Gangnan Style and everything goes, well, nuts! How do you crack Wonderful Pistachios?
  • PepsiNEXT 2013 Super Bowl TV Spot, 'House Party'
    You're in the middle of the most epic Super Bowl house party ever with a unicorn, bubbles and a party-goes who pours milk on his head -- and your parents come home. Quick, distract them with a Pepsi Next. It has 60% less sugar and real cola taste, the perfect thing to take the folks' minds off of what's probably going on around them.
  • Gildan 2013 Super Bowl TV Spot, 'Getaway'
    Some people wouldn't care if they woke up in a strange person's room with fuzzy handcuffs on their wrists while watched by a cat. Some people would just collect their stuff and leave. But not this guy. This guy knows what it means to have a favorite shirt. Gildan. Isn't it about time you had a favorite shirt?
  • Coca-Cola 2013 Super Bowl TV Spot, 'The Chase'
    The Chase is on! In this Super Bowl 2013 spot from Coke three groups, The Cowboys, The Showgirls, and The Badlanders are all vying for the last bottle of Coke. Who will win? You decide! Go to and help your favorite team outrun the competition and grab the brass ring, err, last bottle of Coke. Results will air during the Super Bowl Post-Game Show.
  • Kia Forte 2013 Super Bowl TV Spot, 'Robot'
    A man checks out the all-new 2014 Kia Forte and slides his hands across the glass. When you don't respect the tech, you get a beat down that includes a kick and a wedgie from a robotic woman (fembot) played by Miss USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella.
  • Hyundai Extended Super Bowl 2013 TV Spot, 'Playdate' Ft. The Flaming Lips
    So what are you going to do today? Eat a stack of pancakes? Well, with the Hyundai Santa Fe you can hit the skatepark, outrun a biker gang, get chased out of a museum and save the world from 8-bit aliens, all while The Flaming Lips play in the background. The only question is, what will you do tomorrow?
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