Real-time Performance Indicators For National TV Ads

Ad Effectiveness

Assess the impact of any paid TV campaign with our easy to understand rating system. Our real-time Ad Effectiveness Ratings are calculated by a TV ad’s earned digital activity across social, video and search, in relation to the campaigns estimated spend and as compared to all other ads on TV. See your ad’s ratings and compare with the rest of the industry.

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Most Viewed, Searched and Shared TV Ads Right Now

Highest SpotShare* Overall
Online Views
Social Actions
Est. Spend
Online Views
Social Actions
Est. Spend
Online Views
Social Actions
Est. Spend
* The percent of digital activity associated with each spot over the past week.

Media Planning

See the networks, shows and days when consumers are most receptive to brand messages on TV along with which creatives work and which do not. Use our data to make better creative and more targeted media purchasing decisions for TV.

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Engagement Metrics for: Visa

Airings vs Online Activity
SpotShare* By Network
SpotShare* By Show
* The percent of digital activity associated with each spot from 9/7/2013 to 11/9/2013.

Competitive Analysis

Get a real-time view into the entire competitive landscape across 160 industry categories. Our data is used to see exactly who’s running what campaigns and which are working.

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Competitive Analysis for: Visa

Estimated Spend Comparison
Visa: Dance
SpotShare*: 23.05%
Digital Actions: 564,397
Sentiment: 48% Positive
Capital One: Samuel L. Jackson
SpotShare*: 19.02%
Digital Actions: 38,210
Sentiment: 27% Positive
MasterCard: Happy Holidays
SpotShare*: 6.01%
Digital Actions: 19,591
Sentiment: 79% Positive
* The percent of digital activity associated with each spot from 11/3/2013 to 11/9/2013.

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