Orbit TV Spot, 'Nachos'

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Advertiser: Orbit

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DescriptionWhile watching a polo match, a man in the stands snacks on some cheesy nachos. Even though he is finished eating, the man finds himself sitting next to a full portion of nachos that poke fun at his bow tie. Don't let food hang around. Replace with with that just-brushed, clean feeling with Orbit gum.
   Spend Rank: 320    Airing Rank: 569
AgencyEnergy BBDO
Produced ByRecommended Media
Tagline“Eat, Drink, Chew Orbit”
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People, Places & Things

Farris Patton - Actor/ActressFarris Patton
Actor/Actress - Plays Orbit Girl
Mike C. Nelson - Actor/ActressMike C. Nelson
Actor/Actress - Plays Nachos
Shaughn Buchholz - Actor/ActressShaughn Buchholz
Actor/Actress - Plays Man in Bow Tie

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Chris Woods - DirectorChris Woods
Animals Horses (Animal)

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Type National + Spot
Number of Versions 2
National Airings 2,480 (See All)

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