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What we do

We are the go-to platform for Brands, Agencies, Networks, Actors and Developers to track in real-time paid TV media and related earned digital activity across social, search & video.

Measure Ad Effectiveness

Our rating system measures a TV ad’s earned digital activity across social, video and search, in relation to its estimated TV spend and as compared to all other TV ads.

Optimize TV Media

See the networks, shows and days when consumers are most receptive. Use our data to make better creative and more targeted media purchasing decisions for TV.

Analyze Competitors

Get a real-time view into the competitive landscape across 160 industry categories. Our data is used to see exactly who’s running what campaigns and which are working.

What we track

Our proprietary technology tracks TV Commercials, Movie Trailers and Show Promotions across the top networks in real-time. Here's just a few...


TV Spots


TV Airings

Top 106



Online Plays




Social Actions

How we work

Small teams working on exciting features in true collaboration with our clients.

Start With Big Ideas

We have no pre-conceived notions

Focus On Usability

We obsess over data accuracy

Customer Collaboration

We build what our customers need

Plan to Iterate

We move at lightning speed

The Team

We have a diverse team that are the top in their respective fields, but at heart we are all data geeks.

Abe Lettelleir
Sr. Software Engineer
Adam Youngers
Sr. UI Designer/Developer
Al Castle
Sr. Software Engineer
Andrea Davis-Gonzalez
Editorial & Social Media Manager
Anthony Skinner
Chief of Engineering & Product
Benji Nutu
Data Editor
Charlie Foster
Account Manager
Cory Seefurth
Sr. Software Engineer
Dan Karr
Financial Planning
Devin Chojnacki
Sr. Sales Executive
Douglas Vojir
Sr. Software Engineer
Emily Schrock
Enrique Acevedo
Sr. Software Engineer
Ewan Godley
Sr. Database Engineer
Greg Havener
Sr. Software Developer
Harmen Westra
VP, Sales
Jason DeMorrow
Sr. Software Engineer
Jeanna Wilkes
Account Manager
Jeff Jensen
Inside Sales Executive
Jennifer Manning
Account Manager
Jeremy Woodcook
Web Developer
Joe Bunner
Sr. Sales Executive
John Ward
Sr. Sales Executive
Jon Primrose
Sr. Sales Executive
Kelly Cowherd
Office Manager
Mark Myers
SVP, Sales
Marla Mathews
Martin Schemm
Sr. Sales Executive
Mikel Tidwell
Sr. Software Engineer
Moshe Cristel
Sr. Software Engineer
Nicholas Aluia
UI Architect
Paul DesOrmeaux
Account Manager
Robert Bareuther
VP, Business Development
Robert Hoffman
Director, Business Development
Scott Happell
Sr. Software Engineer/Architect
Sean Fitzgerald
Sr. Software Engineer
Shane Leinster
Sr. Director, Content & Editorial
Shankar Raghavan
Sr. Software Engineer
Steven Livanes
Software Engineer
Tao Craig
Sr. Systems Engineer
Tony Gnotek
Sr. Sales Executive


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