Real-time TV Advertising Metrics Platform

We connect the dots between TV and digital

Our proprietary technology tracks TV Commercials, Movie Trailers and Show Promotions across the top 113 networks in real-time. On the digital screen, we track 864.3 Million explicit interactions with TV ads across 123.5 Million unique consumers per month. These interactions include video plays, searches and social activity...more

We index the top 113 broadcast and cable networks

Our software watches these networks 24/7, utilizing proprietary audio and video fingerprinting algorithms to automatically identify and extract TV commercials, movie trailers and show promos...more

How We Do It

We tag over 40 different dimensions of metadata – everything from the brand, agency, actors, products, songs, moods, URLs and other pertinent data. The tagging process is comprised of three layers – automation, in-house editorial and crowd sourcing on our public website. This results in the largest and most comprehensively tagged catalog of TV ads in the world.

While our automated systems are watching TV, we simultaneously analyze online views across Youtube and, searches on Google, Bing and Yahoo! and social activity on Facebook (including Facebook private) and Twitter...more

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