E*TRADE TV Spot, 'Are You Type E*?'

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Advertiser: E*TRADE

Actors: Amanda Serra, Billy Cowart ...more

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About This Commercial

DescriptionNo matter what you do, become a 'Type E' with E*Trade and learn how to manage your finances the right way.
   Spend Rank: 241    Airing Rank: 269
AgencyOgilvy & Mather
Tagline“Are You Type E?”

People, Places & Things

Amanda Serra - Actor/ActressAmanda Serra
Actor/Actress - Plays Taxi rider
Billy Cowart - Actor/ActressBilly Cowart
Actor/Actress - Plays Bearded man on the basketball court
Felix Tipper - Actor/ActressFelix Tipper
Actor/Actress - Plays Cab driver
John Marshall Jones - Actor/ActressJohn Marshall Jones
Actor/Actress - Plays Doctor
Kevin Cotteleer - Actor/ActressKevin Cotteleer
Actor/Actress - Plays Tailor
Marypat Farrell - Actor/ActressMarypat Farrell
Actor/Actress - Plays Astronaut

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MusicThe song was created for this commercial

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Type National + Spot
National Airings 827 (See All)

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