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How Coldwell Banker was Awarded the Highest Rated Real Estate Ad

Inside the Report


10th year running with #1 Rated Real Estate ad


Increase in overall effectiveness among Males 36-49


Reduction in ad production expenses

Executive Summary

Coldwell Banker leveraged iSpot Pre-Market Creative Testing to fine-tune video creative performance; ultimately, landing the highest rated Real Estate ad for the 10th year running while simultaneously allowing Coldwell Banker to cut ad production expenses by nearly 80%.


Before the campaign even launched, Coldwell Banker needed fast, cost-effective creative testing and benchmarking to understand how its video ads resonated with audiences across all demographics. For Coldwell Banker, it was essential to have cost-efficient testing so they could evaluate multiple ad versions to then glean actionable insights into what is and isn’t working with their target audience. Only then could they tweak messaging & production to maximize effectiveness while preventing wasted spend.

Leveraging the iSpot Pre-Market Creative Testing has now become standard practice for every new campaign we produce at Coldwell Banker as it not only provides us with valuable consumer insights about our advertising message and imagery before going to market, but it enables us to fine-tune our marketing strategy for optimal results.

Victoria Keichinger, VP of Brand Marketing, Coldwell Banker


Coldwell Banker uses iSpot Pre-Market Creative Testing to rapidly test video ads before running them on national media to determine if creative is hitting or missing the mark with consumers. With quantitative and qualitative insights from 500+ demographically balanced US consumers, Coldwell Banker can drill down into specific demographics and pinpoint what consumers think and feel about an ad.


In the case of the “Dream” campaign, Coldwell Banker originally used a popular song, but ultimately switched to an original track after testing. This choice optimized the campaign’s in-market creative effectiveness while simultaneously saving Coldwell Banker and estimated 7-figure investment.

From March Madness to the PGA Championship, HGTV to Hulu, YouTube to Facebook and beyond, the Coldwell Banker “Dream” campaign has reached a wide audience, driving over 300 million impressions year to date.

Additionally, Coldwell Banker analyzed the demographic data for the “Dream” campaign to ensure the creative and messaging resonated as best it could across all demographics. Discovering an opportunity to index higher with the older male 36-49 demographic, Coldwell Banker created a new version of the ad. By using a song with a male voice and swapping in more scenes with male talent, Coldwell Banker successfully improved resonance with that demographic by 8%. These adjustments ultimately made the “Dream” the highest rated ad in the Commercial Real Estate industry for the 10th year running.