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Unified, Cross-screen TV Ad Measurement

There’s a Better Way to Measure Streaming & Linear TV Ad ROI

Audience migration between linear, VOD and streaming presents major challenges for brands aiming to reach the right audiences with their ads and measure ROI with speed and precision. iSpot Unified Measurement is the answer. When ads hit linear or CTV, impressions are instantly captured and mapped to the precise demographic makeup of the exposed audience, then connected to subsequent conversions, such as web visits and sales. Results are displayed in real time via a single comprehensive dashboard for advertisers to take quick action and drive ROAS.

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Get a Granular View of Cross-Screen TV Ad Performance in Real Time

With the iSpot dashboard or custom data feed, advertisers can track cross-screen TV ad activity – from reach and impressions to frequency and conversions – all in one, central place. Compare incremental reach across individual streaming publishers, and to linear TV advertising.

Track target audience performance with granular demographic breakdowns.

Understand impression conversion into business outcomes, such as web traffic and in-store visits.

Gain granular insight into TV ad performance across linear TV and streaming publishers.

Instantly verify the incremental reach of CTV advertising.

Insights Across 300+ Top Streaming Publishers and Platforms

The iSpot Difference

Only with a unified view of advertising across all forms of TV, can brands:

Allocate budgets optimally across linear and streaming platforms.

Optimize campaigns based on incremental reach and conversions delivered across screens and publishers.

Manage ad exposures to ensure the right frequency levels before diminishing returns.

Analyze cross-screen campaign performance for specific target audiences.

Introducing Person-Level Cross-Screen Measurement

The integration of household demographics along with panel-based co-viewing measurement into iSpot’s Unified Measurement platform marks the first time brands can utilize person-level ad measurement to deeply analyze the impact of both linear and CTV investments in real time.

More granular age & gender buckets and flexibility in picking age ranges

Person-level audience measurement

Direct alignment with currency (TRPs, GRPs)

Powering the Next Generation of TV Ad Buying and Optimization

With the evolution of TV, advertisers are constantly seeking better ways to market to their target audiences. Apply insights gleaned from iSpot’s person-level cross-screen measurement to refine campaign strategy, planning and buying. On average, advertisers using iSpot’s Unified Measurement drive an additional 10% incremental reach with CTV advertising, with one brand achieving 22% more conversions with CTV advertising than through linear TV alone.

Increase with incremental reach with CTV programming

More conversions with CTV ads than through Linear TV alone


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