Connect TV Ad Impressions to Business Outcomes

A Sequent Partners White Paper

Inside the Report

If you’re here you’ve heard about’s leading TV attribution capabilities. But you still might be wondering how multi-touch attribution is working for others. Now you don’t have to take our word for it - thanks to Sequent Partners the standard bearer in best practices for TV measurement and data quality.

In this report, Sequent Partners outline how our industry-leading clients use our multi-touch attribution platform to directly tie their TV ad impressions to business activities, while also maximizing their advertising budgets through more efficient campaigns and increased ROI.


"iSpot is the most trusted vendor we have. They have moved mountains for us."

"By using conversion metrics from iSpot, they have developed frequency goals tied directly to outcomes. They use iSpot to determine which level of frequency impacts conversion and to see the incremental contribution of each level of frequency by creative message."

"In the process, this technology giant used daily by tens of millions of people with a need to speak to millions of people each day has gained between 5-10% greater efficiency in their television buys. “We believe there is at least 10% or more to be squeezed out of the system."

"They integrated their own first party data into the system and monitored the conversion patterns of their target consumers in specific segments. They learned how to reach them – with the specific ads and placements that drive actions, including the all-important sign-up on their website."

"Certain genres and programs do well for us - and we’ve shifted out of primetime. iSpot has given us the platform to see what works best for our target audiences. Certain program environments are really supportive of our ads - they match the mindset of our audience and our message." – iSpot Client in the Direct Marketing Industry

Report Summary

The media world gets more complex every day. Making effective and efficient media decisions is a challenge for all advertisers. Sequent Partner’s study of iSpot’s clients suggest they enjoy a surprisingly simple and reassuring solution that clarifies a complex marketplace – by directly linking television exposures to online outcomes and KPIs, nearly in real-time. A simple idea that requires sophisticated technology.

We found that marketers who have met the challenge of linking online and offline benefit from more strategically aligned targeting and more impactful media placements. This allows them to reduce excess frequency in favor of greater reach and more synergistic program environments – resulting in more conversions for the same media investment.

Keeping impactful creative on air is another significant challenge for advertisers. Numerous studies have shown that creative efficacy accounts for the majority of campaign effectiveness. Yet, the mysteries of creative development, the complexities of versioning and breakneck time requirements make it hard for a marketer to keep their eye on the ball.

The simplicity of the iSpot solution brings this blurry world into focus – allowing marketers to know which spots work and which spots don’t shortly after they are first aired. And older spots that continue to work can be distinguished from those which have worn out through continuous tracking over time. iSpot’s Attention and engagement metrics help decode the situation. Net – we found advertisers who are on their way to ensuring they have hard-working creative on air at all times.

That’s the quickest route to improved advertising ROI.

“iSpot has given us the platform to see what works best for our target audiences’ decisions.”

About Sequent Partners: Sequent Partners specializes in helping the media and advertising industry navigate the complex field of ROI and attribution measurement by helping clients understand evolving media choices, consumer behavior, and measurement tools. The media measurement research and consulting firm, has long championed innovation and transparency in media analytics.

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