Crush Your Competition

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Be the First to Know

What ads are my competitors running, and what is their messaging? Stay responsive and up to date with email alerts that notify you when a competitor’s creative first hits TV screens. You can download and stream the creatives in HD for every national TV campaign, and analyze real-time and historical data at the spot level to better inform your competitive strategy.

Take a Page out of Their Playbook

What are your competitors’ media plans and strategies? Who are your competitors’ ads targeted to? Examine the strategic placement of ads to identify the creatives, networks, shows, and dayparts that are performing for your competitors to help you spot placement opportunities in the market. Compare performance across engagement, impressions, and view rates to analyze your own results and use competitors’ placements as a benchmark comparison.

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Get to the Bottom of Their Spend

How much was spent by your competitors? Get to the bottom of your bottom line by analyzing spend to identify effective media buys, spot trends, and capitalize on opportunities in the marketplace.

Our Spend and Share of Voice Index metrics give you new ways to measure the performance of your ad dollars. See which strategy worked and who got the most for their spend. Evaluate whether an ad was worth the spend when measured against the ad’s Share of Voice by spend, impressions, and engagement.