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KFC is debuting its first official in-game Super Bowl commercial during the fourth quarter of the Big Game with a 15-second spot. The ad, titled 'Colonel vs. Colonel' features Billy Zane as the Colonel who loves gold so much, he’ll put it on his legs, thighs, and tenders. Rob Riggle is also featured, trying to tackle the golden Colonel and his tray of Georgia Gold Honey Mustard BBQ chicken, to no success. The fried chicken restaurant has featured it’s “Finger-licking gold” chicken in several teasers, including ‘Real Colonel,’ ‘Rock-Paper-Scissors,’ and ‘Arm Westling.’ The ad is a continuation of the Wieden & Kennedy campaign started in 2015, featuring celebrities as Colonel Sanders. ‘Colonel vs. Colonel’ marks the first time two of the celebrity colonels are shown together in the first commercial. Last year, KFC ran ‘So Long, Farewell,’ a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl pre-game, which took the 51st spot, in iSpot’s pre-game rankings. The spot earned 0.14% of digital share of voice.