TV Advertising Report: NFL Football

NFL Football is back! While players competed on the field, Verizon, GEICO, Toyota, Hyundai, DirecTV and others battled it out off the field, spending $567 million to snag the attention of TV viewers.

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Inside the Report

– What was the age and gender of viewers?

– How many impressions were live versus time-shifted?

– How did TV impact a digital lift across search, social, video?

– What was the average view completion on ads?

Sneak Peek

In just the first month of the 2016 NFL season, 366 brands ran 866 different creatives. In total these creative aired over 7,000 times, including more than 1,000 primetime airings, across CBS, NBC, FOX, NFL Network and ESPN.

NBC has delivered the highest number of TV ad impressions, 3.9 billion, but it’s FOX that’s keeping viewers glued to the screen with an average ad view rate of 86.7%.

Automakers spent over $137mm of the estimated $567 million, while Wireless and Auto & General Insurance brands each contributed at least $40 million.

Digitally, it was Insurance companies, Automakers, and Mobile devices that generated the highest digital response rates across search engines and social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.