How TV Advertising Actually Moves the Needle: An Analysis of Marketers’ Explicit Calls to Action on TV Over Time

The Evolution of Actionable TV

While the traditional notion of TV advertising is about rapid reach and top-of-funnel awareness, brands are also thirsty for measurable results — specifically which TV ads, programs, messages, and ideas drive the most business outcomes, such as sales.

While iSpot can now match ads that appear on the TV screen to actions taken on a website or app, the following data shows at scale:

  • What types of “call to actions” (CTAs) we see on television
  • How websites, social media, and phone numbers each play different roles in driving conversions
  • How attention and conversions for television advertising is measured at scale

The following analysis covers 544,261 TV ads from June 1, 2012 to May 30, 2017.

Case Study

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