Data Degradation Advisory

On January, 4th, 2018, a large number of companies including iSpot and its partners were impacted by the Intel chip security flaws that headlined the news. More specifically, this incident caused Amazon Web Services (AWS) to apply a sweeping and sudden patch to nearly their entire infrastructure, with little notice to their clients. This led to a temporary degradation in the collection of impression data from across the footprint of VIZIO TV sets. Here are the exact days and times of impact:

Thursday 1/4/2018: 2:48 pm ET to 3:00 am ET
Sunday 1/7/2018: 8:40 pm ET to 1:35 am ET

During the above mentioned periods, iSpot customers will notice:

  • Lower than normal Impression volume. We plan on recovering the impression estimations by Friday, 1/12/2018, EOD.
  • Degraded Conversion Analytics. This will have an impact when running conversion analytics, utilizing short attribution windows over the impacted timeframes.
  • Degraded Attention Analytics. Any program level Attention Analytics during the impacted timeframe may not be available during the impacted time frames.

The following analytics are not impacted by this outage:

  • Creative ingestion
  • TV Airings
  • Spend Estimations
  • Conversion pixel tracking data
  • Any other metrics not listed as being impacted.

This issue continues to impact the entire tech landscape. We are continuing to work with AWS and our partners to fully assess and resolve. We will continue to send updates as they become available.

We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience and understanding. The iSpot Customer Success Team is available to work with you to limit the impact.