Going into the Big Game: SB LIII Pregame Buzz Winners

It’s that day again – Super Bowl game day! It is the biggest day of the year for brands as they battle for customer and prospect attention. iSpot is monitoring across social and search, as well as what happens on 10-million opted-in Smart TVs across the United States as we head to kick-off.

iSpot’s Super Bowl Ad Center is already full of analytics with activity across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Yahoo and Bing (and iSpot.tv, of course) where brands are all getting ranked by Digital Share of Voice (DSOV).

Digital SOV: a scoring of all those views, actions and searches, added up and weighted based on the significance of action to a brand (a view or share > “like”).

2019 Pre-Game Winners and Advertising Trends

  • 42 of the 64 expected brands pre-released 149 Super Bowl creatives. This is a 24% increased from 2018.
  • The ads and associated creatives have generated 225.1 million online views, for an estimated 2.56 billion social reach from brand properties and pages.
  • Super Bowl 53 ads have already generated 315 million TV impressions, that number will be in the billions tonight.
    If you’re counting by parent brand, Anheuser-Busch is rolling into game day with 27% of Digital Share of Voice (SOV) followed by Pepsi (13%) and then Expensify (10%).
  • The campaign with the highest pregame day SOV is Expensify, featuring 2 Chainz & Adam Scott. The interactive expensing call to action in the ad delivered the most social actions and solid impressions.
  • Digital activity by industry: Beer (27%), Consumer Software (11%), Mobile Games (7%), Soda (6.71%), Online and Auction Sites (6.19%), Health Conscious Food (5.36%), Automotive (5%), Frozen Foods (3.54%), Skin and Footcare (3.47%)
  • Avocados from Mexico is doing a great job of getting to people with the highest estimated social reach numbers (661.8 million) but that isn’t translating into views.
    Xbox and Amazon came screaming into the top five as late contenders – each releasing ads touch on tried and true Super Bowl strategies of tugging on heartstrings and lacing up celebrities. Expect both brands to have a strong finish when the numbers are counted on Monday.

5 Year Comparison

Ranking by Parent Brands

*digital SOV is a weighted score that includes views, comments, shares and other actions across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the major search engines.

Top Ads by DSOV

  1. Expensify – Teaser: Expensify This (feat. 2 Chainz & Adam Scott)
    1. DSOV: 10.08%
    2. Online Views: 8,401,329
    3. Social Impressions: 191,143,765
  1. Budweiser – Pre-Release: Wind Never Felt Better
    1. DSOV: 9.77%
    2. Online Views: 22,592,744
    3. Social Impressions: 53,414,804
  1. Xbox – Extended: We All Win
    1. DSOV: 6.86%
    2. Online Views: 15,091,675
    3. Social Impressions: 43,446,519
  1. Stella Artois – Pre-Release: Change Up The Usual (feat. Sarah Jessica Parker & Jeff Bridges)
    1. DSOV: 6.82%
    2. Online Views: 13,350,567
    3. Social Impressions: 31,857,220
  1. Amazon – Pre-Release: Not Everything Makes the Cut (feat. Harrison Ford, Forest Whitaker, & the Broad City cast)
    1. DSOV: 5.32%
    2. Online Views: 20,597,977
    3. Social Impressions: 70,006,927

Measuring ROI

The buzz from iSpot’s Super Bowl advertiser clients: Nevermind Sunday and Monday, how does the big ticket ad exposure to 100 million people map to sales activity 7, 14, and 31 days after the game?

Which is higher on a dollar-for-dollar basis? The sales lift from $5.2 million spent before or after the Super Bowl where segments are more closely matched to digital, and on a range of airings, or does the Super Bowl score the touchdown?

For some insight, looking back at Super Bowl Sunday 2018, same-day leads against a $5 million price tag yielded conversions in the $27 to $100 range. But when iSpot.tv mapped TV ad exposures to sales activity to a 7-day window for one brand, the cost dropped to $4.40 for a 7-day attribution window and $3.41 for 14 days.

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