Samsung Mobile Remains a Strong TV Advertiser Despite Note 7 Setbacks

From Aug. 24 to Nov. 23, Samsung Mobile generated 2.5 billion TV ad impressions and spent an estimated $86 million while taking almost a month off from TV advertising in between. Strong creative held viewers’ attention with an average view rate of 88.5%.

In spite of an initial Samsung Note 7 recall on Sept. 2, Samsung Mobile ramped up its investment in TV advertising to coincide with the launch of football season and major events such as the Emmys and MTV VMAs. However, the company tapered off its investment in getting attention for Note 7 in mid-September, instead shifting its emphasis on Samsung Gear VR. Its most seen ads, “All the Feels” and “Virtual Reality Machine,” each appeared on TV screens more than 500 million times.

The brand pulled back on national TV advertising altogether from Oct. 11 to Nov. 8.

When they were airing, Samsung ads did well to keep viewers’ attention. The average view rate for Samsung ads hovered in the 90% range for most of September and October, and though the heavy reliance on the Gear VR ads may have caused a slip in audience attention (gray chart below), the average of 88.5% beats the industry average of 87%.

Check out this chart showing the times Samsung Mobile ads appeared on TV screens (TV ad impressions) layered against the audience attention for its creative.

Samsung Mobile TV audience investment from Sept. 2 to Nov. 22