Are Super Bowl Ads Worth It?

Every year the price of a Super Bowl ad goes up. And every year, countless articles are written asking whether the exorbitant fee is worth it for the brands who participate. Answering that question can be difficult. Many researchers try to do so by polling viewers and consumers to measure things like brand awareness, or… Read More’s VIP Super Bowl Ad Center is Live!

On Friday, we launched our VIP Super Bowl 2015 Ad Center, which allows clients and guests to view real-time analytics for Super Bowl XLIX teasers, previews and pre-release ads. On Game Day, the Ad Center will have up-to-the-minute changes as Super Bowl commercials air during the Big Game. If you are interested in accessing the… Read More

iSpot Halloween 2014!

Our resident iSpotters embrace this year’s festivities. Our regular office-hopping Tigger impersonator Mikel, never misses a beat. A reincarnated Louise Brooks has joined iSpot, or is that master-chopper Shirene on the left? Axl Abe Rose has also joined the team and pretty much rocks like this all day. And Jeff, pictured right, has got sales… Read More

Ad Age/iSpot Hot Spots – Watch Last Night’s New TV Spots

In an exciting partnership with Advertising Age, will highlight five new and trending TV commercial releases on the homepage. Each weekday, the Ad Age/iSpot Hot Spots will focus on new spots from the previous day, as well as the Most Engaging ads of the past week according to SpotShare – iSpot’s social and digital activity metric. Please view our… Read More