What You Need to Know About Multi-touch Attribution for TV…In Less Than 15 Minutes

Our CEO, Sean Muller, recently spoke at the Attribution Accelerator event – one of the industry’s premier events that addresses the advancements made to attribution tracking and measurement – to discuss what true Multi-touch Attribution for TV advertising looks like and to share the TV Attribution advancements that have been making marketer’s lives easier in the last several years.

Your “How-To” Guide For Putting TV Attribution on a Level Playing Field With Digital

In this 15 minute presentation, Sean provides an overview, not only what Multi-touch Attribution is, but also the common pitfalls marketers face when measuring TV advertising and the three critical pillars of creating a digital-like attribution model for measuring television advertising.

His presentation is a helpful first-step for those who aren’t so comfortable with the idea of Multi-Touch Attribution as it relates to TV to learn how to connect TV touchpoints into other mediums and gain action-oriented “to-dos” to help them understand and implement Multi-Touch Attribution. Watch his full presentation above.

About Attribution Accelerator: The Attribution Accelerator is the first event dedicated to bringing together the industry’s brightest minds to meet at the crossroads of media, technology, ROI, and advertising. This one-day forum moves beyond digital and mix modeling to spark conversation and fortify the science behind measuring and managing ROI.

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