Mister Sketch Scent Marker Secrets Revealed!

Mister Sketch Markers TV Spot, ‘Make Coloring Even More Fun’ debuted July 14, 2014. The commercial goes to great lengths in demonstrating how scents get into their innocent Mister Sketch Markers.

Using never-before-seen footage, the spot features video of a healthy young blueberry captured in a rare state of immediate flatulence. The after-effects of which are vacuumed through a series of laboratory tubes before being absorbed into a Mister Sketch marker.

BBH New York is the creative agency behind the commercial which was designed to appeal to moms in order to get their kids excited to color.

With two-weeks of national airings behind it, iSpot.tv analytics can provide a solid overview of how the campaign is doing. Ad Effectiveness for ‘Blueberry’ has scored very high rating of 9.8 (out of 10). This rating measures the volume of social activity (chat, video, search) triggered by the ad campaign, while divided by the estimated spend as compared to all other ad campaigns on national TV. The spot has aired 877 times on 16 national networks. With an estimated spend of $2.6 million, nearly half of these airings have appeared on the children’s networks, Nick, The HUB and ABC Family.

iSpot.tv data can reveal that social activity has been high with an overall positive tweet sentiment of 85 percent for males, and perhaps not surprisingly, 76 percent for females. A couple of our favorites:

“Did I just see a commercial for Mr. Sketch scented markers saying the scent comes from fruit farts? That can’t be right.” @Journeys_Film

“This Mr. Sketch commercial is gross. @TheXDExperience

“There is a Mr. Sketch commercial tryna say that fruit farts are what make the markers smell good. FRUIT. FARTS. A POOT FROM A FRUIT.” @FeistyAss_Libby

And there you have it. Thanks to the Mister Sketch commercial video-expose we now know how a scented marker is created. You may think you’re smelling a marker, but you’re really inhaling fragrant fruit farts!

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