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Deep Dive Insights: LG’s World of Play TV Campaign

As TV continues to evolve, so does consumer behavior. For example, viewing TV content on-demand has become more and more common. See how leading brands are leveraging new technologies and real-time data to measure TV reach in a unified manner, and how they’re optimizing for consumer engagement across screens.

Inside the Report

In this deep dive on LG’s ‘World of Play’ campaign, start by taking a look at how well they did across their competitive set. Then, find out how the brand measured and optimized the campaign based on its real-time performance and by catering to unique audience viewing behaviors.

Key Insights:

Leverage a key creative message to maximize consumer impact based on digital metrics

Stay away from show genres that are underperforming for impressions, i.e. documentaries

Maximize ad buying based on high-performing pods and pod positions

Leverage innovative TV ad models and types (VOD/OTT) for unique reach and frequency optimization


Real-time Advertising Metrics

With clients like Warner Bros, ESPN, Walmart, and Dunkin Donuts on their roster, is a real-time analytics platform bringing unprecedented measurement and optimization insights to the TV advertising world. We help today’s data-driven marketers identify effective strategies and creatives, stay ahead of the competition, and advertise smarter in today’s evolving media landscape.

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Harmen Westra, VP Sales

Harmen Westra, VP Sales

With over 15 years of experience in the media, marketing research, and analytics sales space, Harmen Westra is an expert in the field of advertising analytics and the VP of Sales at

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