It’s Time To Expand Our Definition Of Direct-To-Consumer’s Brett Jensen, Director of Data Partnerships, is featured in Ad Exchanger’s “Data-Driven Thinking” series. He gives a refreshing synopsis on how direct-to-consumer brands are being redefined.

Is a hot dog a sandwich? When you break it down literally, it’s a piece of meat between bread, frequently dressed up with vegetables and condiments.

It’s a funny game of taxonomy not meant to actually redefine what everyone knows to be a sandwich but to examine how we classify words for things in our life.

The advertising industry is going through its own round of this game. Brands that are born in the digital space and speak to a largely millennial set of consumers are frequently labeled direct-to-consumer or DTC.

Frequently but not always VC-funded, these marketers often have sleek and simple brand imagery meant to convey exclusiveness and prestige while keeping a focus on sustainability and the feeling of shopping with a boutique that understands urban millennial values.

So what really makes a brand DTC? 

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